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Research news: Is there successful aging for nonagenarians?

If successful aging is defined by using conventional criteria that emphasize absence of disease and disability, it is rare among nonagenarians.

Doctoral student Lily Nosraty investigated the prevalence of successful aging and its association with sociodemographic factors in a representative population sample in the Vitality 90+ study. Her models included both physical, psychological and social components in different combinations, and the prevalence varied between 1.6% and 18.3 % depending on the model. Successful aging was more common in men and in community-dwelling people, and in most models is was also associated with younger age, being married and having a higher education.  In very old age, successful aging may be better approached by models that focus more on autonomy, adaptation and sense of purpose, says Ms. Nosraty.

Origical article: Nosraty L, Hervonen A, Jylhä M. Is there successful aging for nonagenarians? Vitality 90+ study. Journal of Aging Research, Article ID 868797, 9 pages.

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