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Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Health funding to Marja Jylhä and Riku Nikander

The Academy of Finlands´Rezsearch Council for Health has granted funding for two research project in GEREC for years 2015-2019

Marja Jylhä (UTA): The longevity revolution- implications for the need and costs of health and social care

Older people need care services more than younger, but need of services also concentrates in the last years and months of life. Currently we are experiencing an unprecedented decline in old age mortality, leading to increasing longevity and most death occurring in very old age. Yet it is not known how health and functioning among very of people develop; are the years gained healthy years or years with disability? Simultaneously, care structures are changing, and long-term services are moving from nursing homes to people ́s own homes or sheltered housing. In this study, we investigate the joint impact of increasing longevity and changing care services on the use and costs of hospital and long-term care. To forecast the future needs, we also examine the time trends in functioning and health of people aged 90+, and the factors associated with care needs. We will use two large datasets, the COCTEL data and the Vitality 90+ data. The findings can be applied in in care policy and planning.

Riku Nikander (JY, Cerocenter) :Counselling for Physical Activity, Life-Space Mobility and Falls Prevention in Old Age (COSMOS)

Health Kiosk is a community-based, nurse-led, and easily accessible pilot primary care service environment with emphasis on health promotion and disability prevention, where common health concerns such as blood pressure can be measured in a large number of community-dwelling older people. The goal of this 24-month single-center effectiveness RCT is to evaluate effectiveness of the Health Kiosk environment and investigate whether PA counselling with referral to an evidence-based strength and balance training and physical activity program can improve PA, life-space mobility and promote function, and prevent falls of community-dwelling older adults. We will also measure the number of people that transition from their home to institutional facilities. The novelty of the proposed project is that we will utilise the community-based Health Kiosk environment in a single-centre effectiveness RCT to examine the combination of life-space mobility and falls.

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