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The purpose of AGNES-project is to study active ageing and its relationship with health, physical and psychological functioning, and well-being in old age. By active aging we mean the striving for elements of well-being through activities relating to a person’s goals, functional capacities and opportunities. Many earlier studies have considered primarily physical activity while in this study we also focus on social and intellectual activity such as volunteering and, helping other people. The associations of health, functional capacity and well-being with active ageing are investigated using the University of Jyvaskyla Active Aging Scale developed in the project. Additionally, we study the associations between living environments and active lifestyle.

In addition, we aim to investigate whether older people have become younger.  We compare the results of the AGNES-study with the results of the Evergreen study conducted 30 years ago.

The name of AGNES-study is formed from its longer scientific description ”Active ageing – resilience and external support as modifiers of the disablement outcome”.

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