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There are researchers from many different fields of science in our group, among others health, sport and behavioral scientists.

Researchers and their interests in AGNES-study


Principal investigators

Taina Rantanen, Professor of Gerontology and Public Health
Promotion of functional ability and wellbeing in ageing population, active ageing, person-environment interaction, physical activity and mobility, epidemiology, randomized controlled trials, longevity

Laura Karavirta, Academy of Finland Research Fellow, PhD
Physical activity measurement using wearable technologies, dose-response relationship of exercise and health in ageing, cardiorespiratory health and fitness, autonomic nervous system function and heart rate variability

Timo Rantalainen, Academy of Finland Research Fellow
Gait dynamics, and sedentary and physical activity behaviour quantification based on multiple day wearable sensor recordings

Kirsi Keskinen, Postdoctoral Researcher
Outdoor mobility, environmental gerontology, spatial analyses

Research group

Johanna Eronen, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D
Health literacy among older persons

Katja Pynnönen, Postdoctoral Researcher
Active ageing, perceived well-being, life goals, motivation, support of autonomy, social interaction

Lotta Palmberg, Postdoctoral Researcher
24-hour physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleep, physical fatigability

Katja Kokko, Docent in Psychology (life-span psychology), Research Director
Psychological and emotional well-being and their links to active ageing and physical functioning

Anne Viljanen, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D, Docent in Gerontology
Sensory functions and active aging

Milla Saajanaho, Postdoctoral Researcher
Active ageing, developmental regulation, goals, mental well-being

Kaisa Koivunen, Postdoctoral Researcher (Visiting fellow: Amsterdam UMC, the Netherlands)
Physical capacity, physical resilience, measurement properties (psychometrics)

Tiia Kekäläinen, Postdoctoral Researcher (Jan-Jul 2022 Visiting post-doctoral courtesy, Florida State University)
Health behaviors, physical functioning, mental well-being, personality, motivation

Timo Aittokoski, Postdoctoral Researcher, Ph.D

Jari Laukkanen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland

Erja Portegijs, Associate Professor, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Personal and environmental factors and their associations with activity and mobility of older people

Timo Hinrichs, Senior Researcher, Doctor of Medicine, University of Basel, Switzerland
The association between arterial stiffness and active ageing

Doctoral Researchers

Essi-Mari Tuomola, Doctoral Researcher, M.Sc. (Health Sciences)
Mobility outside the home, activity locations and features of physical environment

Olli-Pekka Mattila, Doctoral Researcher
Gait analysis based on laboratory-based gait assessments utilising wearable sensors.

Antti Löppönen, Doctoral Researcher, M.Sc. (Health Sciences), M.Sc. (Sports Sciences)
Themes related to sit-to-stand (STS) transitions in a free-living environment.

Katja Lindeman, Doctoral Researcher, M.Sc. (Health Sciences)
Themes related to physical activity and mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic

Joona Neuvonen, Doctoral Researcher, M.Sc. (Sports Sciences)

Other research group

Eeva-Maija Palonen, M.Sc. (Health Sciences)
Research coordinator

Niina Kajan, Project Researcher, M.Sc. (Sport Sciences)
Project management, communication

Markku Kauppinen, Project Researcher, statistician M.Sc.

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