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Vitality 90+

The Vitality 90+ Study is a multidisciplinary project focusing on longevity and the oldest-old. The sub-projects address the biological basis of aging, predictors of health, functioning and longevity, old age as an individual experience, and the need for and use of care and services. The research is motivated by the rapid changes in the population structure and by the increase in real longevity. In Finland, the number of people aged 90 or older has doubled in the past 20 years from 22 000 to 55 000, and by 2060, it will reach one fifth of a million. The Vitality 90+ Study was initiated in 1995 by professor Antti Hervonen and Marja Jylhä.

Major research themes include

  • Health and functioning in the oldest-old and their time trends
  • Formal and informal care, services
  • Very old age as a stage of life; subjective experiences of long life
  • Biology of longevity, especially aging of the immune system

Data include

  • Mailed surveys with whole cohorts of people aged 90+ in Tampere
  • Face-to-face interviews and performance tests
  • Blood samples


Marja Jylhä, Principal investigator


phone: 040 588 9100

Linda Enroth, Co-principal investigator


phone: 040 190 1647

Principal Investigators

Marja Jylhä, Principal Investigator

Linda Enroth, Co-principal investigator

Mikko Hurme, Principal Investigator for the biological part of the study, Professor (emeritus)

Antti Hervonen, Professor (emeritus), co-founder of the study


Arttu Autio, MSc, doctoral researcher

Jani Raitanen, MSc, statistician

Juulia Jylhävä, PhD, assistant professor

Kirsi Lumme-Sandt, PhD, docent

Kristina Tiainen, PhD, docent

Laura Kananen, PhD, post-doctoral researcher

Lily Nosraty, PhD, post-doctoral researcher

Mari Aaltonen, PhD, docent

Pauliina Halonen, MSc, doctoral researcher

Saara Marttila, PhD, post-doctoral researcher

Tapio Nevalainen, MSc, doctoral researcher

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2011 and older

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