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Improving occupational health with health technology

Health technology (and well-being technology) is one of the fast growing fields of technologies in our country. From the aspect of health sciences the technology of well-being means taking advantage of new technology to improve and maintain human functioning and health. We examine the opportunities of using new technology to estimate the work load and how it effects  the person working. The purpose of the study is to find ways to measure workload as well as self-care of individuals.

The research group:

Responsible researcher

Professor Clas-Håkan Nygård, clas-hakan.nygard (at), School of Heath Sciences, University of Tampere

PhD students

Reetta Heinonen, reetta.heinonen (at), Psychophysiological loading at work and leisure- time

Reetta Orsila, reetta.orsila (at), Promotion of work well-being with emphasis on occupational safety and health and well-being technologies

Mika Liukkonen, mika.liukkonen (at), Biological age and change of health-related fitness with increased physical exercise. A randomized and controlled study among employees in a company.

Selected publications

Heinonen Reetta, Luoto Riitta, Lindfors Pirjo, Nygård Clas-Håkan. Usability and feasibility of mobile phone diaries in an experimental physical exercise study. Telemedicine and e-Health, 18;2, 2011

Orsila R, Virtanen M, Luukkaala R, Tarvainen M, Karjalainen P, Viik J, Savinainen M, Nygård C-H. Perceived mental stress and reactions in heart rate variability-A pilot study among employees of an electronics company. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics (JOSE) 2008, 14, 3, 275-283.


Tampere University of Technology (Jari Viik)

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Kimmo Vänni)

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